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Securing Your Wooden Garden Gate


     There are quite a few options for locking your gate. They range from gate latches that have a lock built in to gate latches offering a hole to slide in a padlock, to deadbolts, to slide bolts.

     Lockable gate latches. These include a lock as either an integral part of the gate latch, or as an addition to the gate latch (such as a padlock slipped through a hole in the latch). These range from the most basic old-school gate latch that you tie a pull-string to, through highly engineered latches that have a lock as a part of the design.

     See 360 Yardware's selection of lockable gate latches.

     Deadbolts. Sometimes you fall in love with a particular gate latch and it isn't lockable, but you need some measure of security on the gate. A deadbolt is a really good option. Installing a deadbolt requires some tools and skill, but it looks and functions well. Generally, the deadbolt is installed in addition to a latch. You can likely find one that has the same finish as your latch.

There are two options for deadbolts: single cylinder or double cylinder. Single cylinder means that there is a knob on the inside of the gate and a keyed side on the outside of the gate. If you need to lock your garden gate from both sides, a double cylinder deadbolt is the ticket. You'll have a keyed side on both sides of the gate. If you only need the security occasionally, you can leave the deadbolt disengaged until you need it. Deadbolts are slightly technical as far as installation goes--there is some boring that's required in the internal portion of the gate and jamb.

Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Deadbolt for Thick Gates and Doors

How to Lock a Thick Gate or Door?

We've seen a huge rise in the number of thick gates and doors over the past year. A 5-inch thick gate is becoming more and more common. Up until now, there have been no deadbolt options for thick gates and doors.

After several months of design, engineering, and testing, we've introduced a single cylinder deadbolt that can fit gates between 3" and 5-1/2".

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More styles to follow...

     See 360 Yardware's selection of deadbolts. Any deadbolt can be ordered as a double cylinder deadbolt.

     Another possibility for a lockable gate latch is to use the deadbolt as a latch. The benefit is that you only need one piece of hardware. The downside is that you'll need a key to open the gate from the street-side of the gate (or both sides of the gate if you choose a double cylinder deadbolt). You'll also always need to latch the deadbolt by hand, rather than having a gate latch that's self-latching.

     One recently introduced option on the scene is the Emtek Keypad Deadbolt Lockset. Available in either sandcast bronze or brass, the lockset allows you to enter the gate without a key, by entering a key code of your choosing. It also has a place to use the key if you'd like. On the inside of the gate you just turn the knob and lock it up. Due to the electronics inside this deadbolt set, Emtek recommends it be used only on gates in protected areas (if exposed to a lot of seasonal rain) or in areas of low rainfall. See the Emtek Keypad Deadbolt Lockset.

     Slide Bolts, Barrel Bolts, etc. Whereas deadbolts are operable from both sides of the gate, slidebolts, barrel bolts and others like them are installed on the inside (yard-side) of the gate. They are installed as an additional measure above or below a non-locking gate latch. To engage the lock, you slide the barrel into the catch and it prevents the gate from being opened from either side. These types of bolts are surface-mounted to the face of the gate.

     We also offer the Emtek surface bolt, also called a Dutch Bolt, which is available in four lengths: 6", 12", 18", and 24".

     See 360 Yardware's selection of slide bolts and barrel bolts.



   Examples of Lockable Latches




This latch has a built-in locking pin mechanism
that the user engages from the
yard-side of the gate.

This latch is lockable by adding a padlock through the hole on the left in the bolt.


   Examples of Deadbolts


Stainless steel single sided gate lock deadbolt                                                                                         Stainless steel double cylinder gate deadbolt


This is a single-cylinder deadbolt. The keyed side
will be on the outside of the gate. The knobbed side
will be on the inside of the gate. The gate can be
opened from both sides.

This is a double-cylinder deadbolt. Both sides of the gate have a keyed entry.
The gate can be opened from both sides.


Emtek Brass Keypad Deadbolt, No Key Required, Item# E1000



The Emtek Brass Keypad Deadbolt, shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze. This deadbolt system allows you to keep your gate locked, but also makes it quite easy to open the gate when needed by entering your own personal keycode.


Examples of Slide Bolts and Barrel Bolts (Surface-Mounted Bolts)


Solid Brass Surface Bolts


Dark Bronze Barrel Bolt, Item#80-200


These are 3 brass surface bolts
in varying lengths.

A more ornamental bolt.

A beautiful dark bronze
barrel bolt.




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