Emtek Hardware Catalog
from 360 Yardware

1. Intro, Knob, Lever, And Rosette Options, Finish Options, Handing, and Contemporary Color Collection - The first 11 pages of the catalog, which include examples of all the finishes available, the different rosettes, levers, and handles/knobs, as well as a handing diagram to determine the handing of your door hardware. Plus Emtek's Contemporary Color Collection.

Emtek Hera Mortise Entryset at 360 Yardware

2. Electronic Keypad Locksets (221KB) - A really  nice collection of locksets with electronic keypads (no key required!).  Easy to program and with an illuminated keypad. There are deadbolt, entrance, and leverset locksets. Available in bronze and brass. Styling ranges from traditional to contemporary to modern.

3. Entry Door Hardware (Entrysets) - A wide collection of mortise and tubular entrysets in brass, bronze, and wrought steel. A new collection includes the Zeus, Artemis, and Hera Mortise Style entrysets. They're made of brass, and available in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel (that looks like Stainless Steel), Flat Black, and shiny Polished Chrome.



4. Single And Two-Point Locksets 

5. Deadbolt Locks Emtek deadbolts are wonderfully styled in a range from contemporary to modern to traditional. All deadbolts are available in single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts have a thumbturn on one side and a keyed cylinder on the other. Double cylinder deadbolts have a keyed cylinder on each side. We know it's sometimes difficult to find a deadbolt for a thick door or gate. Thicker gates and doors can be accommodated with Emtek deadbolt extension kits. We've added information on the deadbolt pages to indicate what thickness each deadbolt will accommodate as a standard order, and what thickness you can accommodate with an extension kit. For patio door hardware, Emtek also offers a complete line of single-sided deadbolts (thumbturn on one side, nothing on the other).

Emtek Door Hardware Decorative Plate Locks at 360 Yardware

6. Sideplate Locksets







Emtek Brass Knobsets at 360 YardwareEmtek Geneva Leverset at 360 Yardware

7. Passage Lever and Knobs Sets & Privacy Sets - This section includes brass knob passage sets; modern leversets; modern knobsets; classic leversets; classic knobsets; designer leversets; designer knobsets. Additionally, sandcast bronze leversets and knobsets; lost wax cast bronze leversets and knobsets. Wrought steel leversets and knobsets. A small but lovely collection of Arts & Crafts knob and leversets. An ornate set of porcelain knobs. A beautiful offering of Crystal knobsets reproductions of early American designs. Each knob is hand polished and fitted to a solid brass shank.


8. Door Pulls & Accessories - Door pulls. Pocket door locks. Screen door locks. Door stops. Wall bumpers. Flush pulls. Roller and ball catches. Pivot stops. Surface bolts. Flush bolts. Casement latches. Patio door bolts. House numbers. Doorbell plates and buttons. Switch plates. Door knockers. Mail slots.

9. Heavy Duty Hinges - A full collection of residential duty, heavy duty, and ball bearing butt hinges in solid brass or steel. Spring hinges available to help doors and gates close automatically.

10. Cabinet & Bath Hardware 











At 360 Yardware, we offer "360 Degrees of Outdoor Decor." We wanted to describe more than
just "Outdoor Decor." We chose the term yardware to describe anything a person would need to enhance
the outside of their home. From the front curb to the front walkway; the entryway to the side yard;
and ultimately to the backyard and back patio, we offer items both small and large to change the
look of your home.

We invite you to browse through our store and find something that speaks to you, that will spice
up your home and make you excited to get outdoors!

Gate Hardware ~ Mailboxes ~ Garage Door & Carriage House Door Hardware
Doorbell Buttons ~ Shutter Hardware ~ House Numbers


Gate Hardware
We have everything you need to replace your old Fence and Gate Hardware.
If you have a Wooden Gate or need a Replacement Latch, we offer Gate Latches, Deadbolt Latches, Gate Hinges, Hinge Fronts, and other Decorative Gate Hardware. We've also combined many of our products into gate hardware sets and value packages.

Gate Latches
Our Wooden Gate Latches selection offers something for everyone. If Antique Gate Closures are your style, we carry Cast Iron Hardware and Iron Gate Latches that look like historic and more traditional gate latches. Even better, there are now Aluminum Gate Latches--in the same styles as the antique gate latches--which are rust-resistant and perfect for coastal areas. We also offer a line of cast Bronze Gate Latches: durable, substantial, and that will age gracefully with no rusting over time. A few of the latches we offer are versatile in their styling, so they can be used at homes with traditional, antique, contemporary, or Spanish aesthetics.

Our goal is to help you fill your decorative gate hardware needs. To this end, we've put together gate latch sets for double wooden gates, plus single gate hardware sets including hinges, latches, and optional accessories.

We have created a Gate Latch Information Series to help you understand all there is to know about wooden gate latches and to help you choose the right product for your situation. Topics include: