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Architectural Gate Hardware Catalog

Updated September 10, 2014


This is a PDF copy of our Architectural Gate Hardware Catalog, available for download. The catalog is broken down into sections by gate latch type (Thumb Latch, Ring Latch, Lever Latch, Bolt Latch) and within each section by the material the latch is made of.

Each Latch is available as a standalone latch, and many are also available as a package for single wooden gates and double wooden gates (where applicable).

  • Single gate packages include the latch, a set of three heavy duty ball bearing hinges, and a gate stop

  • Packages for double wooden gates include the latch, a set of six heavy duty ball bearing hinges to hang both gates, a dummy handle for the fixed gate, and a gate stop. Optional is a cane bolt to hold the fixed gate closed.

Download either the entire PDF, or each individual catalog page below.

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