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How to Determine Your Gate Swing Direction

Use these instructions to determine your gate's swing direction.

1) First, determine whether your gate is in-swinging or out-swinging. In-swinging gates swing IN toward the yard; Out-swinging gates swing OUT toward the street. Please note: some gate latches only work with in-swinging gates.

2) Next, stand with your back to the street, facing the street-side of your gate. Which side of the gate (the left or the right) are the hinges installed on?

3) Combine these two pieces of information to get your swing direction.

EXAMPLE: Your gate swings inward toward the yard. You stand on the street-side of the gate, facing the gate, and the hinges are installed on the right side. Therefore, your gate is classified as a Right-Hand-In-Swinging gate.

If your gate is: You need a latch that is:
Right-Hand-In-Swinging Right-Handed
Right-Hand-Out-Swinging Left-Handed
Left-Hand-In-Swinging Left-Handed
Left-Hand-Out-Swinging Right-Handed