Strap Hinges For Gates

We’ve just finished creating new packages of strap hinges to hang gates. This will help take¬†some of the thought out of matching pintles and hinges. We carry strap hinges and pintles in three materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and dark bronze. The carbon steel and stainless steel are both powdercoated black to coordinate with other gate hardware. The dark bronze band hinges are a lovely dark bronze finish that matches any of the other dark bronze gate hardware we carry.

Suffolk Style Strap Hinge with Square Pintle

Why use strap hinges? Strap hinges add an architectural touch to a gate that butt hinges don’t. If you have a large gate, or even a small driveway gate, consider using our dark bronze straps. A pair can support 150 lbs and three hinges support 225 lbs.

Note the gate stop below the drop-bar.

Note the gate stop below the drop-bar.

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